PET-CT is one of the most advanced imaging techniques for the diagnosis of tumours. On the one hand, there  is  PET (positron emission tomography) for the imaging of tumour metabolism using Ga-68-PSMA (“Prostate-specific membrane antigen”), on the other hand is CT (computed tomography, here as “low-dose CT”) for spatial localization. The combination of both methods in one examination permits precise localization of malignant tumours in a way that is not possible with other methods. In this way, the primary tumour and possible metastases can be detected and also the possibility of treatment using radiolabelled Y-90 or Lu-177-PSMA can be determined (the so-called “Theranostics” concept). The Cost of PET-CT in this procedure is not covered by statutory health insurance (GKV / “Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung”). We will be happy to assist you with an individual cost transfer application.

The PET-CT with Ga-68-PSMA may be indicated for:

  • Suspected recurrence of a tumour or metastasis with increase of the tumour marker PSA after removal/irradiation of the prostate (“biochemical recurrence”)
  • Exclusion of Metastases in lymph nodes, internal organs and bones
  • Selection for systemic therapy Y-90 or Lu-177-PSMA
  • Suspected prostate cancer despite negative biopsy, such as the planning of a new, targeted biopsy

You do not need to abstain from food or drinks on the day of examination. Please bring all relevant previouse xamination results  with you. Allow a good 2-3 hours for the examination.

Diagnostic procedure

  • One of our doctors will take plenty of time to fully discuss your symptoms, any previously performed tests and treatments, as well as the procedure of the planned examination.
  • Next, a trace of a radioactive substance, which accumulates in metabolically active tissue, is injected into your arm. This substance is easily tolerated. There has never been any report of an allergic reaction. The radiation exposure is comparable with that of a CT scan. After that, an image of your pelvic region is taken.
  • You are then asked to wait in our waiting room, during which time you should drink at least 1 liter of water and empty your bladder frequently. Water is readily available in our clinic.
  • 45 minutes later, the whole body scan, including the CT scan, will be performed. You will be lying down for this procedure, which lasts about 30 minutes. The images are taken with the PET-scanner. This machine is not a closed tunnel, but rather two separate ring-shaped systems with some space between them. The machine is an open structure. Therefore, patients suffering from claustrophobia tolerate the process well. Throughout the examination, one of our medical technicians will assist you and remain within hearing distance.
  • The results are displayed on a monitor for the doctor, single images are printed out, and the entire record of the examination is saved on a CD-ROM.
  • The written report is prepared on the same day or at the latest on the following day and is sent to the referring physician and the patient.
  • Important
    Do not eat on the day of your examination (at least 8 hours before. Water is permitted). Please bring your medications to the examination, as directed by your doctor.
    The radiopharmaceutical is ordered for each patient individually (cost: about €1200), and it cannot be stored for long periods of time. For this reason, keeping your appointment is absolutely essential.
    Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to phone us.